Scoby Kombucha Scoby 1 x orgánico – Cultura en vivo por Scoby Kombucha


1 hongo Kombucha Scoby orgánico; cultura viva de Kombucha Scoby.
7,62 cm x 1,27 cm.

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Hongo Kombucha Scoby 100 % orgánico; prepara tu propia Kombucha desde casa; frescura garantizada; bolsa sellada con calor.Nota: El tamaño, la textura y el color de cada producto puede variar.

1 hongo Kombucha Scoby orgánico; cultura viva de Kombucha Scoby.
7,62 cm x 1,27 cm.

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19 valoraciones en Scoby Kombucha Scoby 1 x orgánico – Cultura en vivo por Scoby Kombucha

  1. FM Ghaly

    Best Buy for a long time

    This is fantastic. I mix with Redbush tea and love the taste. I’ve have IBS and noticed a real difference in bloating and general good gut and overall health. Instructions were easy to follow. So good I’ve order a few for family and recommend to colleagues and friends.Great packaging as a family member wasn’t able to start the process for nearly a week after receiving it and it was perfectly fine.

  2. em4toni

    Recommend to anyone that wants a great quality scoby

    This scoby worked so much better than the freeze dried ones I was trying to use. Came in a nicely sealed pouch. No leaks, which I was concerned about. Lasting and growing nicely. I have used them over and over again.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Great Quality Scoby

    I have been using the scoby for 2 months now to make kombucha and it has turned out great every time! The scoby was the described size, think, and overall very healthy. In just 2 batches, it has already multiplied into 6 scobies that I now store in a scoby hotel!

  4. Lucas B

    Scoby was great and worked well

    I had no issues with this. The scoby arrived quickly, it was packaged well. It came with instructions which was nice too. I followed the instructions and had some amazing kombucha. It arrives in a sealed bag with a cup or two of kombucha.

  5. Chloe Peters

    First time brewer gifted with detailed instructions

    I’m now on my third batch of Kombucha with this Scoby. I was pleased with the detailed instructions that came in the package. I have brewed my first batch with Kombucha with TeaPigs green tea, then swapped to Clippers Organic green tea which was the brand that the Scoby was born in. Healthy & happy Scoby which looks like will thrive for many lovely batches.

    A una persona le ha parecido esto útil

  6. Amazon Customer

    Get what you pay for.

    I’ve brewed many batches of kombucha in exactly the same conditions as I did for this one. The scoby stayed at the bottom (not always a bad thing), but no new scoby began forming showing that not much was going on. Kombucha is usually ready after 7 – 9 days, but with this scoby I was still just tasting sweet tea after a fortnight and abandoned it. Doesn’t matter how many times I’m taught the lesson ‘you get what you pay for’ I never seem to learn.

  7. Nick M

    Five Stars

    This SCOBY is still alive and well and has grown significantly! Don’t be shy to buy online.

    A una persona le ha parecido esto útil

  8. Cristian

    Perfect storm

    Live creature deliverd white Royal Mail. Perfec disaster. Scarcely starter tea. Probably scoby already death. Rezult mould tea. Useless.

    A 3 personas les ha parecido esto útil

  9. David Rheault


    J’ai bien suivi tous les instructions pour faire le Kombucha, mais clairement le Scoby n’était pas actif puisqu’après 2 semaines le thé était toujours très sucré.J’ai fait bien attention de ne pas l’ébouillanter ou de lui faire subir un choc thermique. Peut-être que qu’il a eu trop froid par la poste?Maintenant, je vais mettre le Scoby dans un petit sac Ziploc pour le retourner au vendeur afin d’être remboursé.

  10. Rony

    Oui, mais

    Le Kombucha est bien arrivé, très bien conservé dans un emballage soigné et propre. Mais par contre, j’ai été surprise par la taille du Kombucha. Il est vraiment petit. Le diamètre correspond à celui d’une bouteille d’eau minérale classique.Je ne sais plus si cela a été signalé sur la description du produit ou pas.Je le recommande quand même parce que le produit dans son ensemble a été correcte lors de sa réception, malgré ses petites dimensions.

    A 3 personas les ha parecido esto útil

  11. Nicole


    I’ve gotten local scoby that was easy to use, this scoby is taking forever to work. In the middle of summer I’d expect it to work quickly, it’s been over 3 weeks. Maybe because of the disturbance the scoby has gotten during travel…


    muy buen producto,.

    Que va muy bien. un producto que lo recomiendo.-

  13. Salaminkia

    Scooby arrived dead

    The parcel arrived on time and the package was intact. Very little starter tea with the scooby. Once put it to work it did not float on the surface at all; I been brewing since 6 years , first time I see such behaviour. After few days mould formed on the surface.

    A 2 personas les ha parecido esto útil

  14. Desiree

    For any one, starting or a pro, enjoy!

    I’ve made so many different batches from this one, it’s been a wonderful!!! I’ve come up with so many recipes and learned so much. A great purchase indeed.

  15. Hocus pocus angel

    I’m a kombusha lover

    Loved the way it was packaged. So exciting like a chemist at school. Great easy to make and tastes yummmy

    A 2 personas les ha parecido esto útil

  16. Michel Rheaume

    Bon produit

    Très bonne qualité de champignon nous l’utilisons depuis plusieurs mois et les champignons se reproduisent assez que j’en aient donnés à des amis.

    A una persona le ha parecido esto útil

  17. Mrs. M. E. Perrott

    Working well

    The Scoby is working well and making excellent Kombucha.

  18. Amazon Customer

    Weak culture

    The scoby came in a bag, with almost no starter liquid. The first batch of kombucha tasted ok, but after 3 weeks of brewing it produced only a very thin new scoby.Will try to brew a few more batches, but don’t have high hopes it be very successful.I am looking to order another scoby from a different seller.

    A 8 personas les ha parecido esto útil

  19. Maria Luiza Campos

    We are making our Kombucha

    Our scoby keeps doing its job well. We use only black tea and sugar for the first stage and in 4-5 days we can bottle our own Kombucha with flavours as mango, mint and ginger and pineapple.

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