Bundle CampStove 2 – Grill portátil


Camp Stove 2
Parrilla portátil
Hervidor de agua

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BioLite CampStove 2, Bundle: parrilla portátil y hervidor de agua CampStove 2.

Camp Stove 2
Parrilla portátil
Hervidor de agua

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20 valoraciones en Bundle CampStove 2 – Grill portátil

  1. Teejay

    Melted probe even after following instructions

    Used once and not likely to use again. All was charged and fan was working but the fire went out several times even though there was plenty fuel and good embers. So after adding more fuel and turning up the fan the probe send to have melted. I followed the instructions and was careful. Complete waste of money.

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  2. J

    Very interesting alternative to propane

    After 7 nights of camping, I can tell that it is surely the most fun/interesting way to cook. However, you need to combine this campstove with wood pellets instead of wood found on campsite to get a very stable and effective fire. The issue with this campstove is that it burns wood very fast and you will be fully occupied finding wood if you don’t use wood pellets. Believe me, I had to add wood every 3-4 minutes and it was not stable enough to cook. There is for sure a learning curve with this campstove and I might change my opinion in the future.I also bought the CoffePress and it is very fast to get hot water with those wood pellets. It is a fun morning routine, more that using propane.I think this campstove will allow me to get rid of my old propane burner, but I will still carry it a few nights just in case. If you like new technologies and have a few bucks available, you will surely enjoy it.

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  3. Jonathan Roberts

    Great company

    Love the mission and the product. If I lived in the US I’d want to work for Biolite.

  4. Steve B

    Brilliant kit

    I am delighted with the bundle which came in at a great price. The stove works perfectly and is sufficiently light and compact for my purposes (generally Sea Kayaking) and the extras a bonus. Charging capability certainly seems better Thant the previous version, which I have seen in action and which prompted my own purchase.

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  5. mandy

    So versatile, amazing gadget.

    This was a gift for my daughter’s Christmas. It was very good value. My daughter and her partner love it, they were so excited to use it, they took it up a very snowy local hill on Boxing Day, made a cup of tea just to see it’s potential. They are patiently waiting to start exploring the Scottish mountains again once lockdown guidance allows it and they will be taking their magic stove with them. They have many gadgets already that reduce their carbon footprint but they believe this stove is so versatile; it cooks and heats using foraged twigs and cones and even creates extra energy to charge devices. I think I may buy one for myself!

  6. David

    This is my BBQ now

    This grill, a meat thermometer with a 2lb bone in rib roast and a stainless steel pan on top will cook the best steak(for two) you’ve ever had to medium rare in 30 mins. Serve carved on a wood cutting board. It will also cook a finger thick frozen steak in 10 minutes or so. I keep a 40lb bag of competition pellets and a freezer full of finger thick frozen steaks. This is the way. Makes you forget you spent $270 on the damn thing. Honestly, I have to lay off the beef for a bit. You never really have to turn the fan up as the grill can easily get red hot. I might build a top and stone pizza oven attachment. Biolite should offer one, I’d buy it for sure. Really you need to use pellets to cook with this. There isn’t much point otherwise. Fill the burn chamber and it will go for about 20mins.

  7. Nadine Mercier

    Biolite campstove

    I received this item really quickly even if the purchase was made during the covid-19. I am REALLY happy with my biolite. Its the first time that I am buying their product and I intend to buy more from this company in the future. I tested my new stove once and everything works perfectly. The battery was charging and it was very important for me that the batterie was working perfectly. I bought this because I wanted to have a way to charge my android tablet in case of power failure and it worked. You can even charge the batterie in advance using electricity or from your computer in case you want to have the batterie full so you can use the fan for the stove during a camping trip. The batterie arrived already half charge so it can be used right away. I cannot wait to test it more 🙂

  8. Dogbikes

    No ocupa tanto como parece

    No le pongo 5 estrellas porque es de aluminio. Lo he probado un par de veces y va bastante bien, aunque la combustión publicitada no es muy real, con solo madera yo no he conseguido hervir un litro de agua en el tiempo que dicen. Aun así lo recomiendo.

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  9. Nathan

    Wonderful device

    What a treat to use. While I’ll admit there is a bit of a learning curve to it, once you get the hang of it, this thing can be a monster. Burned plenty of brush, pine, wood pellets in this thing with great results. Though it can definitely be a hungry little beast, it takes a bit longer for it to digest heavier woods like birch and maple. Put half a birch through it and only had an overheat issue once, which was due to human error (had some damp wood too close to the right side of the stove which overheated the external unit).In regards to charging your devices: This thing is a great way to keep your phone charged while out in the wild, but don’t expect to charge your phone from dead to 100% making yourself a coffee. Takes quite a bit of fuel to even charge the onboard 2600mAh to 100%. But you’re still charging your phone with your fire, and that’s a pretty incredible ability when you’re in the bush.

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  10. SCA

    Praktisch und funktional

    Funktioniert ganz prima. Bisher habe ich den Ofen nur mit diversen Kleinholz betrieben. Alles was sich so unter den Nadelbäumen im Garten so finden lässt. Vom dünnsten Zweig über max. kleinfingerdicken Ästen bis zu Tannenzapfen. Funktioniert ganz gut. Durch den recht kleinen Brennraum muss man bei derartigen Material nur laufend nachfüllen um den Ofen bei Laune zu halten. Am Besten geeignet sind zum Nachlegen ca. 10-15 mm dicke und 50-70 mm lange Aststücke. Die Energiegewinnung lässt sich gut am Display ablesen. Mit den Lüfterstufen kann man den Brennprozess sehr gut steuern. Die Verbrennung erfolgt sehr gründlich, außer feiner Asche bleibt da nichts übrig. Der Aufbau des Gerätes ist sehr durchdacht und alles findet nach Benutzung seinen Platz in der großen Kanne. Nun muss ich nur noch einen Topfadapter für die Verwendung anderer Töpfe und Pfannen finden, dann ist das Ganze perfekt. Diesen könnte natürlich der Hersteller zumindest beim Set-Angebot gleich mit anbieten und damit die Nutzer gleich rundum zufrieden stellen ;-).

  11. Hermann

    Hi Tech in der Wildnis

    Ein tolles Spielzeug für Erwachsene! Ich könnte hier stundenlang über dieses Wärmekraftwerk berichten welches ich nun seit über 2 Jahren mein Eigen nennen kann.Egal ob man unterwegs ist, oder bei Stromausfall zuhause ist, schnell Kaffee machen oder Nudeln kochen, kein Problem.Das Gerät funktioniert einwandfrei, vorausgesetzt das es richtig bedient wird.Mit den originalen Pellets lässt sich der Stove einfach und schnell aufheizen,etwas trickreicher ist es, mit dem zu heizen was man gerade so findet, aber mit etwas Übung ist das auch kein Problem.Wichtig ist auf jeden Fall das Gerät nach Gebrauch gründlich zu reinigen.Praktischer Weise lässt sich der Stove im Wasserkocher transportieren.Der Extra Grill ist jetzt nicht unbedingt der Beste und schnellste, aber dennoch funktionabel.Die mitgelieferte USB Lampe ist der Hit, nicht nur beim campen sondern auch zuhause.Ich bin sehr zufrieden und habe noch immer noch Freude daran, es zu benutzen.

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  12. Mireia


    Muy buen producto, funciona perfectamente y con poca leña para hacer las comidas. Hemos hecho fideuà y carne a la brasa de momento y han salido estupendos.

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  13. Christoph f.

    I recieved the product in good time, packaging was more than adequate and all …

    I recieved the product in good time, packaging was more than adequate and all pieces were erecieved without any damage. After having used it for a while first to boil water in the provided kettle then to cook chicken on the grill i found that the grill worked far better than i had expected and provides near even heatacross the grill surface. I was able to boil a full kettle of water from time of lighting about 18 minutes. The only issue i have is that the battery pack from full is not actually able to do much phone charging unless you have a good fire going to keep it charging as well it takes quite some time to charge the battery pack. Over all i really like my Biolite stove and look foreward to my first camping expedition with it

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  14. Gareth

    Brilliant piece of kit

    Well worth the extra money to buy the set.Having the small light is a real bonus too, Makes cooking so much easier

  15. M.

    Fun and warm

    Works well, puts out a decent amount of heat. A tiny wood gas stove. No smoke unless the flame goes out… then there’s a-lot of smoke. So far used it for a weekend camping trip and managed to keep my phone at max 75% battery. I wouldn’t use it as a phone charger expecting to run it for an 30 mins here and there to keep a full charge. You would need to run it for hours on end to get a full charge. My one legit criticism would be that there is no way to empty the ashes… so eventually it is necessary to put the fire out and empty the ashes. Pick up a 40 pound bag of heating pellets for 7 bucks at Canadian Tire and you can run it for weeks.

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  16. MacGeifer

    Vollwertiger Campingkocher

    Ich war zugegeben etwas skeptisch vor dem Kauf, da diverse Rezensionen (nicht nur bei Amazon) eher durchwachsen waren. Meine Neugier war aber größer. Nach mehrtägiger Erprobung im Außeneinsatz hier meine Bewertung:Preis:Für einen Campingkocher eine Menge Geld. Wasser kochen kann man definitiv auch billiger. Wer aber Spaß daran hat mit Holz zu heizen und sich auf längeren Touren keine Gedanken über seinen Brennstoffvorrat machen möchte ist hier richtig.Verarbeitung:Sieht alles hochwertig und sauber verarbeitet aus. Der Kaffeefilter funktioniert tadellos. Der Kunststoff des Lüfter/Akkupacks verfärbt sich unter Hitzeeinwirkung ein wenig, verformt sich aber nicht.Leistung:1,5 Liter Wasser kochen laut Datenblatt in 4,5 min. Das schafft man in der Praxis nur mit sehr gutem Brennstoff. Knapp 6 min. müssen sich aber auch im Vergleich zu anderen Kochern nicht verstecken. Der interne Akku hat 2600 mAh. Es empfiehlt sich daher, Telefon und Stirnlampe bereits während des Kochens zum Laden anzuschließen um insgesamt mehr Ladekapazität zur Verfügung zu stellen.Es lässt sich grundsätzlich alles an Holz verheizen, nur klein genug muss es sein. Wichtig ist nicht zuviel und nichts zu großes nachzulegen, das erstickt die Flamme und verwandelt den Kocher in eine Art Nebelkerze. Es braucht immer eine Zündflamme am oberen Rand. Wenn man den Dreh raus hat, kann man wirklich “rauchfrei” kochen. Die Rauchgasverbrennung kann notfalls auch mit einem Gasanzünder einfach neugestartet werden.Zubehör:Kaffeefilter (nicht im Lieferumfang) ist wie schon erwähnt ok. Die beiden Packsäcke schützen das restliche Gepäck vor Asche und Ruß. Den Grill habe ich bisher nur auf der Terasse probiert, aber auch das ging problemlos. Ansonsten liegen noch ein USB-Ladekabel, ein kleiner Becher und eine LED als Kochbeleuchtung bei.Fazit:Der Campstove 2 hat meinen Gaskocher vollständig ersetzt, dabei spare ich sogar etwas Packvolumen. Zusätzlich hat man eine Ladestation und ein kleines Feuer am Abend. Ich bin sehr zufrieden und hoffe nun auf eine lange Lebensdauer.

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  17. Sheila Gordon

    Excellent product. I grilled some vegetables and as the …

    Excellent product. I grilled some vegetables and as the instructions stated it is hotter closer to the lid to insert more fuel. You have to watch them carefully as they cook quickly. My indicator said my fire strength was 4. It was very very hot.They are so right about only using DRY twigs and branches. Anything even slightly damp will create tons of smoke.

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  18. Gabriel3

    Sicuramente uno dei migliori sul mercato.

    Fornello pirolitico di qualità, il kit comprende:- Fornello pirolitico in acciaio cromato.- Griglia ( ci stanno comodi 4 hamburger + 2 salsicce)- Bollitore per liquidi da 1,5 Lt. ( quando mettete via il fornello lo potete infilare direttamente dentro il bollitore per risparmiare spazio)- Battery Pack con ventola per l’alimentazione dell’aria (migliora l’efficienza del comburente) e presa del calore ( trasforma il calore in energia sfruttando una cella di peltier)- Ciotola/Tazza di plastica resistente alle temperature alte ( ovviamente non potete esporla al fuoco!)- Cavo USB micro per la carica dei dispositivi durante l’uso del fornello- Accendi fuoco in materiale ecologico ( diavolina eco) e set d’istruzioni.Devo ammettere che seguivo già il prodotto in quanto è molto famoso tra gli appasionati del settore e l’ho acquistato perchè il bundle pack negli altri store costa almeno 20 euro in più.Utilizzato più volte e non posso assolutamente lamentarmi.Ottimo Prodotto.

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  19. PeterEastAngular

    Higfh Power cooking science

    Bought as a gift for my teenage cadet Grandson who I am pleased to say is delighted with it:For an oldie like me producing a useful cooking fire and electric light from a few scraps of wood was pretty miraculous.

  20. Mr P WARD

    Great value for money.

    Absolutely fantastic piece of kit, very easy to setup with lots of YouTube videos to help if needed. Fast fire starting with the fan, the grill attachment is a must. Free power with the battery storage from heat exchange. Great value for money.

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