Neogen – Dermalogy Day Light Protection Sunscreen SPF 50/PA+++, Protector Solar Hidratante, 50 ml


Tipo de piel: normal

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SPF50+/PA+++ Descripción: crema solar ligera con protección UVA y UVB. Hidrata sin dejar una película en la piel. Efecto: factor de protección solar alto SPF50+/PA+++. Hidrata profundamente la piel (extracto de arándano, arbusto de limón, baya de Accai que controla el exceso de secreción sebácea. Actúa reafirmante y contra las arrugas (vitamina E, beta-glucan, adenosina). Alivia la irritación, tiene un efecto antiinflamatorio y fortalece las funciones naturales de protección de la piel (beta-glucano, miel, encina), oculta pecas y manchas de pigmentación (vitamina B3). Fórmula libre de: parabenos, etanol, ácido sorbico, alcohol bencílico, talco. sulfatos, alquitrán. colorantes, vaselina, BHA, BHT, ácido salicílico, ingredientes de origen animal, aceite mineral, fenoxietanol, imidazolidinilurea, silicona, cloruro de benzalconio. Tipo de piel: todos los tipos de piel.

Tipo de piel: normal

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20 valoraciones en Neogen – Dermalogy Day Light Protection Sunscreen SPF 50/PA+++, Protector Solar Hidratante, 50 ml

  1. Karen

    Great sunscreen, although I personally cannot use it for …

    Great sunscreen, although I personally cannot use it for extended periods. I can wear this maybe two to three days in a row before it starts to irritate my skin (I found it a bit thick and the smell off putting). My skin would get a bit red/splotchy and have some minor breakouts. I would say it’s thicker than the ever popular Biore sunscreen and has a bit more of a white cast, and takes slightly more effort to blend into the skin.

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  2. Amazon Customer

    Perfect protector

    As a person of color, this sunscreen is perfect because it does not leave a white cast on your skin. It goes on smoothly, you can’t even tell you have on sunscreen. I would recommend this product!!!

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  3. Amanda H.

    Great face sunscreen

    This is a great everyday sunscreen and it also works well for more extreme sun. I spent a week at Lake Powell in the sun from basically sun up to sun down and applied this twice a day and came out with no burns (which never happens). The smell is a bit strong right away but it dissipates quickly and you can no longer smell it.

  4. Mrs. Hoornstra

    Smells great

    This sunscreen is my fav. There’s no white cast and it doesn’t smell like sunscreen which I hate. Smells like lemongrass I would say.

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  5. Amazon Customer

    An absolute GEM!

    I have sensitive, combo-oil skin and most SPF leaves a white or purple cast (neutral olive, medium skin). I just repurchased this for the 3rd time, it’s that good. No white cast, lightweight, goes great under makeup so you won’t need a primer since it’s smoothing and slightly pore filling but not pore clogging. Highly recommend!!

  6. Sue

    My Go-To Sunscreen

    I’m in my 50’s with mature, oily, acne-prone, super-sensitive skin. This sunscreen is light-weight, it sinks in quickly and has a delicate scent that doesn’t linger. It doesn’t leave a white cast and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. My face doesn’t feel like it’s suffocating when I use this sunscreen. I’ve tried so many sunscreens over the years and this is my favorite; I use it all year long.

  7. Goonybird


    So, let me just say, I DETEST sunscreens on my face. Or sometimes even products that do a little double duty. It always feels like you have white paste all over and you are extra greasy. And heaven knows the last place I want any extra oil is my face. Let me tell you though, this is the LIGHTEST, non-greasy, pretty much epic sun screen I have used period. I would use it all over if it wouldn’t be an impractical use.

  8. Olivia T.D.

    Literally the best sunscreen I have ever used

    Literally the best sunscreen I have ever used. White cast fades after 10 minutes or so and the product sinks into the skin. I have been irritated by chemical sunscreens in the past but have not had a problem with this product. My face feels like I’ve applied a Biore sunscreen (totally weightless) but this applies much better over skincare/under makeup and doesn’t have that heavy alcohol smell.

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  9. Sarah O. Davis

    Love this!

    One of the best Ive used! The other one was Elta MD, but that one has white cast. This brand is so moisturizing but not greasy, works well for me even though I have oily skin. No white cast, it gets fully absorb. No breakout. No notcieable smell.

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  10. Nicole Ballantoni

    Works great but odd scent

    I really like this sunscreen. It doesn’t clog my pores or sit on my skin funny. It also moisturizes well. It does have an odd scent that I’m not fond of but it dissipates within seconds so it’s not a big deterrent. I recommend.

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  11. hilwa


    I did not like this at all,it was too heavy and thick,did not work for the heat and humidity in summer,did not work when it was cooler either,the only pro is that it smelt good and felt somewhat moisturizing when putting on,it pulled under makeup and gave that awful whitish grey cast,disappointing formula considering other sunscreens have the high spf,but also apply easily and are cosmetically pleasing,this one is a greasy mess.

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  12. AmazonCustomer123AC

    Very strong scent

    This product has a very strong scent and triggered a cough as I have allergies. I hoped the scent would go away, but it lingered and I had to wash it off. One positive is that it felt moisturizing. I have sensitive skin and i wouldn’t recommend this given the scent is very strong.

  13. Taylor Kai Waning

    Amazing SPF without the smell

    This sunscreen is perfect!! I was turned onto this product by my favorite youtuber (shout out Bailey Sarian) and it is amazing. It gives you a nice dewy finish without looking or feeling greasy. It does not break me out or effect my makeup application. It has more of a skincare smell then that normal sunscreen smell. I actually mix this with a few drops of foundation on minimal makeup days and it works great!

  14. Amazon Customer

    NOT for sensitive skin!

    I have exceedingly sensitive skin and allergies so keep that in mind when I say this burnt the crap out of my skin. I don’t know how it might effect someone with ‘normal’ skin but if you have sensitive skin and/or allergies I would look at something else for sun protection. I hate writing a less than stellar review but this product was surprisingly harsh and broke me out for days after I used it and caused my face to turn bright red and tingle like it was burning.


    Try it!

    I have sensitive combination skin and this sunscreen seems to be doing a good job. Doesn’t leave a white layer on your face like others and stays well under makeup. Although I noticed I needed a little touch up of my foundation more than usual but overall happy with this.

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  16. Idi

    My new favorite sunscreen.

    Officially my favorite sunscreen. I have medium AA skin and I love that this sunscreen has a ton of protection but doesn’t leave my face with a hideous white cast. And it actually feels enriching and moisturizing with no sunscreen smell. Probably not for people with oily skin though. Love it!

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  17. Fatama Zohra

    Simply Wonderful

    This is great! It smells wonderful, no white cast and leaves your skin feeling matte. It is on the pricey side, but a little of this goes a loooong way. It’s lovely because it’s also hydrating, so people with dry skin should really try this!

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  18. Laurie

    Best sunblock I have ever used on my face

    The best sunblock for all skin types and goes on great before makeup, doesnt cause my makeup to crease or rub off. It also doesnt clog my pores and cause me breakouts on my acne prone skin. I am also oily and this does not make me oilier.

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  19. Tori

    Nice, but beware for those with oily and/or sensitive skin.

    This sunscreen was good! It left no white cast and was easy to spread. It was very moisturizing, I didn’t have to put moisturizer on my oilier areas because this sunscreen left it soft without excess oiliness. I had to stop using it though because I think the fragrance was just too much for the sensitive areas on my cheeks. I was noticing slight burning whenever I would put it on.

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  20. J. Spillers

    Moisturizing, but strong smell

    This isn’t bad as far as a physical sunscreen- it doesn’t leave much of a white cast and is really moisturizing. I’m having a hard time getting past the smell though….it is REALLY strong and I don’t particularly like it. It worries me that the fragrance might cause sensitivity (I have really sensitive skin) so I’ve mostly been using it on my chest and neck area and using the Missha sunscreen on my face.

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