Neogen Dermalogy Real Cica Pad 150 ml (90 pads)


Reduce el enrojecimiento y la inflamación.
Crean una barrera protectora.
Fórmula súper concentrada de chispa asiática.

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Neogen Real Cica Pad son discos de algodón empapados en ingredientes que ayudan a calmar la piel sensible y / o enrojecida. Ideal para pieles sensibles, reactivas, intolerantes o rojas (acné o rosácea).

Reduce el enrojecimiento y la inflamación.
Crean una barrera protectora.
Fórmula súper concentrada de chispa asiática.
Probado dermatológicamente.
Sin perfume

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20 valoraciones en Neogen Dermalogy Real Cica Pad 150 ml (90 pads)

  1. L.C.

    Works great

    I have a seriously sensitive face. I just use this once a week on my face and it cleans my pores extremely well. But I sweat under my breasts and I use one for each and it helps keep area clean.

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  2. Emmief

    Very Irritating

    I ordered these because they were touted as a gentle way to exfoliate one’s skin. They are anything but gentle. After using them for only a few days I developed a red burning very dry dermatitis all over my face. I wished I had returned them before the return window closed. Very disappointed in this product which was very irritating to my sensitive skin. Do NOT recommend and beware if you have sensitive skin. You may end up looking like a cooked lobster.

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  3. Scrump

    Wrong Packaging, Right Pads

    I received the Korean packaging for this even though the pictures were of the English packaging. The pads are still nice, though, very gentle but still has some exfoliating action.

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  4. KC Coyle

    Not as good as other NeoGen products

    Bought other NeoGen products (wine, lemon. Green tea) and all have a ‘textured’ pad (good for exfoliating).. but these pads aren’t much different than a cotton pad – just thinner

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  5. momsahoy

    Wasn’t moisturizing

    Did not feel moisturizing or hydrating at all. Also had minor breakout after several days.

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  6. Marianne

    Magic in a jar!

    I have had a row of whiteheads on my chin for decades. I tried everything to get rid of them and nothing worked. After maybe a week of using these cica pads, those bumps are gone! I can’t even believe it!

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  7. Namjoon wifey


    This stuff has changed my skin for the better. I have dry sensitive skin. I also have eczema on my face. This product paired with my other Korean products helped my skin retain moisture and helped soothe my skin. The pads are not abrasive and they are soaked with product. This does not have a strong smell.

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  8. Gate

    Sensative rosacea-prone skin APPROVED!

    As someone in their twenties with rosacea I’ve struggled to find products that can exfoliate my face gently without upsetting my sensative skin but this did the trick. It is a gentle pad soaked in a moisturizing serum that can successfully exfoliate without being too harsh, is made with ingredients that don’t upset my skin, and that also isn’t drying. I don’t know what I would do without the Neogen Cica pad!

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  9. DJNemo

    Great addition to my skincare regimen

    Love these pads! I have eczema and since using these I haven’t had a breakout. I use this mostly at night sometimes during the day if my skin looks clogged. It seems to help other products absorb better. It’s gentle enough to use on my husband who has acne prone skin. I’m almost out, so I ordered another one.

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  10. Samantha

    Not sure if the product or just me.

    I had high hopes for this product to do something to my skin but quite honestly after 2 months of using it, I don’t feel like much has happened, if any at all. Normally this product would go for $20 but i got it for around $12 so it wasn’t too bad of a loss but I still feel like for what I paid I got nothing out of it. It could be my own skin that just doesn’t react well to it or it could be the product but personally I will not be getting it again.

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  11. victoriafee


    I have not been impressed with any of Neogen’s products, and this is no exception. There is a generous amount of serum in each pad, to the point where I could squeeze out the excess after swiping on my face and pat that in as well. However, I got these pads because of the centella– I wanted a soothing step after cleansing. Not only are these not soothing (sometimes they irritated by face if my skin was already feeling sensitive), but they also contain a mild acid exfoliant (PHA)– which seems totally at cross-purposes with the calming aspect. If I had realized there was an acid in there, too, I would not have purchased these. I got these on sale (roughly 50% off), so they were a good buy, but I don’t think they did anything for my skin.

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  12. Retro Cool

    Ok for sensitive skin

    I was hoping for more exfoliating from the pad. The pads are super saturated and there is a lot of the product on the pad (almost too much). I guess I was hoping for a drier pad to do more exfoliating. I gave super sensitive skin and my face felt a little right after using this but My rosacea didn’t flare up.

  13. Kaylee

    Dry skin must have

    I have dry skin, and after used this pad I’m really really happy with my skin!

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  14. nunya

    Hydrating non irritating face pads

    I got these pads as an exfoliator for my dry sensitive skin…and they don’t irritate me and they are hydrating. I usually do a double cleans process before bed but when I’m feeling lazy, I’ll just use these pads. I haven’t seen a visible difference in my skin, but I like that they are hydrating.

  15. HoundMama

    Great Low-Key Exfoliation for Sensitive Types

    I know it’s important to exfoliate but my sensitive skin is prone to overkill. I like these pads for giving me the exfoliation step I like while calming my skin at the same time. Nice bonus: The round pad is quite large (like the width of my hand at least), which makes it easy to run it all over my neck, chest, and arms, which benefit from mild regular exfoliation as well. Would easily buy again for the price point. Tiger balm is becoming my new secret ingredient.

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  16. Amazon Customer


    Incredible! Using these I’ve seen improvement and I look foreward to my ritual everyday with them. Age spots healed up, fine wrinkles are lessened.

  17. andree

    Fine for ultra sensitive skin

    Pretty acceptable for sensitive skin; mine is beyond sensitive. The exfoliating aspect is the only thing that is a bit irritating. But the formula itself is fine. Not 100% how cleansing but don’t feel the need to moisturize immediately after.

  18. Jen Ng

    Gives me whiteheads

    I wanted to love this, and I’m sure these pads may work for others, but unfortunately it didn’t work out for me personally.I started using this and whiteheads started to appear. I thought it was something else, but nothing else in my skincare routine changed, so I stopped and waited almost a month. As soon as I used this again, the whiteheads reappeared.

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  19. daviscg

    Reasonably priced. High quality exfoliator.

    I use Amazon all of the time, and would Lose some of the time saving benefits if I reviewed each product. However, these Korean skincare products deserve a great review. I needed a gentle exfoliator for my skin and decided to use this one due to the online reviews and price. Love it.

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  20. Sarah Burg

    Awesome for Sensitive Skin

    I purchased these Cica pads to help with an adverse skin reaction to a different skin care product. They really, really calmed my skin down and helped with the redness. My sensitive skin loves these! They are also supposed to help with collagen and moisturizing. I’ve only used this for about a month now, but I plan on buying more after I run out.Sometimes you try a new product and it doesn’t work out like you hoped, but sometimes is does. These Cica pads definitely worked out like I hoped. They work really quickly too – I could see a difference the next day after using the evening before. I definitely recommend this.

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