Neogen Vita Duo Cream 100g


nutrientes clave té verde y vitamina
piel se beneficia de absorción rápida perfecto para aplicar antes de la fundación calmante hidratante y sin adición de aroma
joan crema de día se formula con té verde y vitamina c, dos ingredientes activos que revitalizar la piel para la humedad de todo el día y complexión de la piel aclaran.

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The ultimate day and night cream duo, two different yet complementary formulas in one jar

nutrientes clave té verde y vitamina
piel se beneficia de absorción rápida perfecto para aplicar antes de la fundación calmante hidratante y sin adición de aroma
joan crema de día se formula con té verde y vitamina c, dos ingredientes activos que revitalizar la piel para la humedad de todo el día y complexión de la piel aclaran.
joan, su nombre es similar a una palabra coreana joh-eun, que se refiere a la buena o feliz en coreano.
esto hace que la frase la firma â € œhave un joan daya € realidad significa â € œhave un buen daya € ”

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19 valoraciones en Neogen Vita Duo Cream 100g

  1. Amena A.

    I really enjoy it!

    I really like both creams. The only thing(s) I don’t like is the lavender scent (personal) and how I can’t take it in my carry on. However, I do appreciate there being a lot of product. I find that it’s pricy but for the amount you get it’s not bad. Now I must say I have extreamly sensative and eczema prone skin. So I have tried a lot of skincare. Some might say I’m a skincare junkie. A little goes a long way and it’s very moisturizing. I’m a fan of Joan but I say this as someone who is extreamly careful about skincare. This product is worth it. I read a few reviews that said they got tiny bumps and stuff. I would like to point out that Joan did say in her video that it might not be suitable for all skin types even though the product was tested on multiple. Everyones skin is different and it also depends on the other products you use.I think it’s worth every penny

  2. BHwang

    Not moisturizing enough

    I have been using the cos rx oil free moisturizing lotion for a while and I love it but I always like to try new products. Joan usually makes good recommendations on YouTube, however, this duo didn’t live up to my expectations. I usually have dry skin during the year and this not only made my skin feel tight and uncomfortable but if I didn’t wear makeup you could tell that it even made my natural skin look bad because of how it didn’t moisturize.

    A una persona le ha parecido esto útil

  3. Nicolle

    Great product so far!

    I just got this a few days ago so I’m still testing it out, but so far my skin likes it. It’s very moisturizing which is great for me because I have normal to dry skin. There’s more product than I thought – also a plus! My only critique would be that I wished the day and night side would open separately but instead it’s one cover for both sides. This really isn’t a big issue at all since the two products are still separated. I also like that it comes with a small spatula for easy use. Joan didn’t let us down with this one, it’s really nice! I do recommend this product!

  4. baby huynh

    Love it!!!


  5. Maggie Keiko

    Very moisturizing

    I love that it is 2 creams in one but can also be used together.

  6. Linda Carattini

    Great day and night moisturizer

    Love this moisturizer love that you get a daytime and nighttime all in one.

  7. Morgan H

    Night time is sooo thick and perfect daytime is so light and wearable

    I purchased this product and I am blown away! I waited a month to review it but my skin is glowing my husband had to order his own he was stealing mine we now swear by this!

  8. TZK

    Bang for your buck.

    I felt like for me it wasn’t moisturizing enough considering my skin became super dry during New York winter. But on hotter days it definitely worked.

  9. AnaL

    Nice presentation.

    Nice presentation, but gets messy with use. The night moisturizer didn’t work well for my skin.

    A una persona le ha parecido esto útil

  10. Momay

    I love the day cream ❤️

    I like the day moisturizer the most. I hope they will offer it separately. My only problem with the one for night time is the smell.

  11. Emily

    It’s great!

    I loved he product! It works amazingly and makes your skin healthy.

    A 2 personas les ha parecido esto útil

  12. Irish Stine

    My New Holy Grail Moisturizer!

    I have incredibly dry skin, especially now that winters here with its dreadfully cold and dry weather in the mountains with absolutely no humidity, but I already love this cream!Usually, putting on skincare before my morning routine of a full face makeup can make my makeup break apart and slide, and all around create a not-so-cute foundation look, but the day cream sits really nicely beneath my foundation and I don’t have to wait a while for my skincare to soak in before applying makeup! Also most moisturizers are quiet oily as well, but this is incredibly hydrating (even more so than the 7 skin method) without being oily or sticky.The night cream is amazing too, the scent isn’t over powering but it definitely smells really nicely of soothing lavender. It soaks into the skin easily and it isn’t tacky, sticky or oily at all!All in all it’s so difficult to find products for me sensitive and dry skin, but I already really love this product! Joan and Neogen really pulled it off! I highly suggest!

  13. Chung

    A gentle formula

    I love how gentle this formula is both the day and nightI think because it comes with a day and night formula, people have the options of mixing and matching to their preference which is great. I usually mix the two together when I put it on.Though I love how gentle both lotions are, its not enough to hydrate my skin at night so I’ve come to only use this for the day. I dont think its something I would repurchase for my skin type.Im happy I got to support Joan and Neogen 🙂


    40 years old

    Love it makes my face feel soft

  15. Katie

    Great but messy

    Product itself works great! I love it on my skin, but the packaging is kind of messy. It’s hard to keep the tub clean

  16. Susan

    Not for my skin type.

    Everything was sealed.The product didn’t work for my skin type as I have dry skin. The day and night moisturize part is convenient however they product is oil based so it applies like oil not like gel or lotion. Applied for 3 days and saw no change in my skin, it was still dry but it does smell good. The moisturizer lasted for 2-3 hours for me then I reapplied vigorously. End results I went back to my normal moisturizer.

    A 2 personas les ha parecido esto útil

  17. B. Young

    My skin feels great

    Honestly I do not know much about moisturizers, all I know is that my skin feels good when I put it on. Seems like some of the general redness of my face has gone down a little as well.

  18. Pallavi Keshav

    Amazing skin product

    Works really great. I saw the difference in my skin within 2 days. My skin glows and looks clearer. I highly recommend this cream.

  19. Antoinette Hughes

    Works Really girl with my combination skin

    Comes in day night they cream is very light but moisturizer is a really good night cream definitely provides me with the glow that everyone notices

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