SHURE AONIC 215 – Auriculares inalámbricos, True Wireless Earbuds, bajos profundos, Bluetooth 5, sobre la oreja, estuche…


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SONIDO INALÁMBRICO DE ALTA CALIDAD, TRANSPARENTE CON BAJOS PROFUNDOS: Sin cables. Sin ataduras. Disfruta simplemente del sonido.
AJUSTE SEGURO SOBRE LA OREJA: Fabricados con el mismo diseño de los sistemas de monitorización in-ear que utilizan los músicos en el escenario. Tus auriculares se mantienen en su sitio y aseguran una comodidad duradera sin precedentes, incluso en tus desplazamientos.

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Los auriculares inalámbricos AONIC 215 True Wireless Sound Isolating ofrecen calidad de sonido de estudio y están diseñados tras décadas de experiencia sirviendo a leyendas de la música. Disfruta de su excepcional comodidad y su ajuste seguro para una experiencia de escucha duradera y de alta calidad en cualquier lugar.

Haz clic aquí para comprobar si este producto es compatible con tu modelo
SONIDO INALÁMBRICO DE ALTA CALIDAD, TRANSPARENTE CON BAJOS PROFUNDOS: Sin cables. Sin ataduras. Disfruta simplemente del sonido.
AJUSTE SEGURO SOBRE LA OREJA: Fabricados con el mismo diseño de los sistemas de monitorización in-ear que utilizan los músicos en el escenario. Tus auriculares se mantienen en su sitio y aseguran una comodidad duradera sin precedentes, incluso en tus desplazamientos.
TECNOLOGÍA SOUND ISOLATING Y MODO ENTORNO: Hasta 37dB de reducción de ruido ambiental. Disfruta de una experiencia audio impresionante allá donde estés o escucha tu entorno con solo pulsar un botón.
HASTA 8 HORAS DE BATERÍA: El estuche de transporte incluido almacena tres cargas adicionales para un total de 32 horas de batería. Sonido sin interrupciones en cualquier lugar: en el tren,en el gimnasio o en casa.
ACCESORIOS DESMONTABLES: Permite conectar los auriculares AONIC 215 a varios tipos de cables. Conecta tus auriculares a cualquier dispositivo, como los sistemas de entretenimiento de los aviones.

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Azul, Blanco, CLEAR, Negro


18 valoraciones en SHURE AONIC 215 – Auriculares inalámbricos, True Wireless Earbuds, bajos profundos, Bluetooth 5, sobre la oreja, estuche…

  1. G. E. Harrison

    Expensive wireless earbuds that deliver on sound quality

    I got these ‘earbuds’ to replace a pair of Bang & Olufsen wireless earphones of around the same price, which after two and a half years had stopped working. The B&O earphones were much neater and better designed although to be fair the sound is pretty much comparable and I guess the design of these earbuds is much better for use during active sports – not what I’ll be using them for. I was rather surprised as I expected these small earbuds to be delivered by post and put through the letter box, however they were delivered by courier in a large cardboard box, when I opened the box there was another round box (the size of a biscuit tin) inside wrapped up in brown paper which turned out to be the box for the earbuds!The earbuds come complete with a zipped case/charging station, different-sized spare foam inserts (its essential to get a good fit in your ear to achieve sound isolation), a USB-C charging cable and a quick start guide. Although I’m used to in-ear earphones I found that these with their over-the-ear design were surprisingly quite comfortable and I also appreciated the ‘Ambience/Environment Mode’ for when I need to be able to hear external sounds. I did find the case a bit fiddly to use with the earbuds having to be clipped in for charging, charging was also a bit hit and miss – although this could possibly be down to my wi-fi. I have Shure wired head phones which I really like and these ear buds are of a comparable sound quality, although I’ve got say that as on older bloke my hearing isn’t the best and I’m still amazed that headphones can work wirelessly at all! That said when wondering around with them on I have often gone out of range – at much less than the claimed range of 10 metres.

  2. steve

    How to waste £200+ in one hit

    Had the head phones for about a week then the left hand one would not connect at all. Followed the trouble shooting guide step by step but to no avail. Tried getting intouch with sure but its the holiday time so no luck there. Just a bit annoyed that I have had no music over the holidays….thanks sure. For all your customer care care as well or lack off.

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  3. S. Palmer

    If you want the best sound, you’ll overlook a few flaws

    If you are looking for a pair of Bluetooth headphones that are truly hi-fi and offer a smooth, accurate reproduction of the original sound, then these are the headphones for you.Are they perfect? No, but if you want the best ‘true wireless’ Bluetooth headphones then you will look over any of their faults.First, here’s what’s good:aptX (for many android phones) and AAC (for iPhones). I consider aptX and AAC equivalent formats. Both have enough bandwidth to pass a near CD quality MP3 (yes, MP3s are actually near reference quality these days thanks to amazing new compression algorithms despite audiophiles who say they sound bad. I challenge you to take the blind ‘NPR WAV vs. MP3’ challenge!). Bluetooth 4, 5, etc doesn’t matter- it’s aptX and AAC that counts. Bluetooth 3, 4, 5 etc is the protocol over which aptX, AAC or SBC (Standard Bluetooth Connection) is transmitted. For those of you with phones that only do SBC, SBC will sound incredible to most people, but the bass isn’t quite as good as aptX or AAC.Bass: *****Bass is deep and tight. You will hear every bass note. Many inferior headphones boost and exaggerate the bass and make every note sound the same (boom, boom, boom instead of different notes).Midrange: *****Voices sound realistic and true. Inferior headphones have a ‘midrange suck out’ or ‘U shaped’ sound reproduction (exaggerated bass and treble with lowered midrange).Treble: ****Treble sounds realistic and ‘non-fatiguing’, meaning that it’s not tinny or harsh. My home stereo costs more than 20x the price of these Shure headphones and I would say the treble on the Shure is lowered by maybe 2db from the true recording, but the treble is still there and doesn’t sound ‘cooked’ or ‘overprocessed’.Dynamics: ****This is the ability of the sound to go very low to very high instantly.Sounds stage: *****This is how ‘wide’ the sound is reproduced. The wider the more realistic it sounds.Bluetooth connection: *****It’s rock solid with my mid-grade phone. Other reviewers who have dropouts probably have cheap phones that don’t fully comply with the Bluetooth standard.Comfort: *****These will stay comfortably in your ears even if there’s a nearby nuclear blast.Environment mode: *****With 2 taps on the button you can hear the outside world, which is great if you’re crossing the street or in a dodgy neighborhood. You must use the Shure app to change the sensitivity of this feature.Case:****You can sit on this case and your headphones will not break. The zipper is more difficult to open than latch, but at least the zipper won’t break like a latch.Ear tips: *****You get 6 different tips. 3 silicone and 3 memory foam. You MUST choose a set of tips that are VERY TIGHT in your ears. If you don’t the bass will leak out the sides and they will sound bad. You can also buy replacement tips easily by searching ‘shure 215 tips’. Sound isolation is amazing. You won’t need noise cancelling unless your are in an airplane.Ok, so here’s the bad:You can only change the volume on your phone. Maybe this will be updated with a firmware update?Sound only comes out the right channel when talking on the phone. Again, maybe this will change with a firmware update.You can only skip or rewind with your phone. Once again, maybe a firmware update will change how this works. But you can pause your music with these headphones.You have to power up each headphone. This is a minor problem as only one headphone press is needed to turn both headphones OFF.EQ only works with music that’s stored on your phone. EQ changes do NOT work when streaming music. But this isn’t a problem as you don’t need to change the EQ.Each time you place the headphones in the case they get charged, which isn’t good for lithium ion batteries. It’s best to let them run down completely before recharging to increase the life of the battery. My fix for this is to flip the headphones upside down in the case so they don’t recharge each time.Etched sound: if you haven’t heard of ‘etched sound’, then please ignore this comment. I love etched sound over a ‘cohesive’ sound, but it’s a personal preference. My Benchmark DAC1 USB for my home stereo gets ***** for etched sound. The Shures get maybe ***. Again, this is personal preference.In short, these are some of the most accurate and best sounding headphones you can buy if that’s what you want. If you want more features and poor sound, please choose something else.

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  4. A Guy

    Comfortable to wear

    These are my first Shure Earphones. The first impression was good, box includes all accessories needed. But it was not very simple to start with, especially unboxing & attaching the earphones.Zip carrying case is very impressive. Charging is through Type C charger. You can see the status of the remaining battery by pressing the button at the bottom if the case.Features include:- Block up to 37 dB of noise to eliminate distractions- Up to 8 Hours of battery life per charge- Three additional charges with case, total of up to 32 hours-  Zipped Carrying case- “Shure plus play ” app to downloadUnboxing: Be careful, there are “foam ear tips” attached to the earphones in the box. When I was taking the earphones out, the foam tips molded. So, I mistakenly thought they were dummies and binned them, as there were additional Silicone tips available in the packaging. Embarrassingly enough to find out later that those foam tips, snug fit for noise cancellation. You can also wash them in warm water to keep them clean. Good news is that, if you like those foam tips, then there are different size available to buy on Amazon.Shure play app:  It was advertised that by using the app you will be able to experience true functionality. The app was simple to use but not that great, to be honest.Button press controls: Long press buttons on the earphones to turn them on/off/pair. Booklet provides all necessary details about controls. Connection is quick and strong.Comfort: I have Sensitive ear and glad to say that these earphones are comfortable, no pressure points. It is mainly because the weight and pressure is distributed evenly.Stability: The earphones won’t drop out of your ears, I don’t think it’s possible. Good for running, going to the Gym or outdoor activities.Cons:- Music Bass is not good enough.- Both earphones do not work independently.- Only Right earphone works during phone calls. No voice output from the Left.- Old Button press controls, not touch.- “Shure plus Play” app not impressive.

  5. Chris Martin

    Great fit, good audio, little quiet for calls.

    I would certainly recommend these for excercise, the fit is fantastic (for me anyway). They don’t ever feel like they are going to fall out. The clarity of the sound is absolutely fantastic, but I think they would benefit from a little more bass as the EQ on the app doesnt worth with Spotify etc.They’re also quite quiet when using for calls as the audio only comes out of one ear (the right). I struggled to hear who I was speaking to at times when there was external noise.Otherwise a really good pair of wireless earphones, which are perfect for working out, running and gym use!

  6. Del Francis

    Shure 215

    Didn’t like due to clunkyness. Nice presentation

  7. Seth

    Awesome for session artists, broadcasters and musicians, terrible for the average Joe!

    First thoughts:Ok before you all kick off, let me explain. These earphones are like a wheel, they absolutely excel in their main purpose which in this case is exacting, accurate and precise representation of all the audio elements on a track. If you’re an audiophile, want to hear every voice and instrument on a track, if you’re a podcaster or broadcaster then you need these.If you’re looking for an awesome pair of earphones to listen to your tunes on the go, in the gym, at work or your commute then these are an absolute travesty. They have near zero features, functions or convenience and I’m not kidding.Can you use them to turn the volume up or down? No!How about skip forward or back a track? No!Ah but they must have active noise cancellation right? No!So it must all be in the app then? No! You can do roughly 3 things in the app, update the firmware, set the volume of the environmental passthrough and set your EQ profile (e.g. Flat).So as you can see this is quite difficult to review when your perception will be purely down to what you’re looking for. On the plus side if you have any other Shure earphones then the wireless module simply unclips and will turn your other set into true wireless as they all use the same MMCX connectors. Likewise you can plug your cables into these should a wireless connection be prohibited.Detail and things to note (See pictures):Aonic 215 units with the wireless hook over module. It takes some getting used to as this is a pretty fiddly type to wear but if you have other Shure earphones then you’ll be familiar with this. Controls are on the bell of the wireless module which means you don’t have to press them into your ear to activate a command.Controls are few in number with Play/Pause (1 click) Passthrough (2 clicks) and Voice assistant (3 clicks) so trying to remember that I can’t skip or alter the volume was a trying experience.Charging case: Mine was faulty and wouldn’t charge or charge the wireless modules so will have to be returned for a replacement. Other than that, the case is a zip case which makes little sense, there are no magnetic contacts to home the modules so they need to be clipped in by hand. I can’t comment too much on the case functionality as mine didn’t work but it’s USB-C.ShurePlay Plus app is bare bones, you can update the firmware as mentioned above but other than that and the EQ presets there’s little in there to use.Final thoughts:Well as you can see this is a tough one for many reasons, flat and accurate audio is what I need and I have a pair of wired Shure headphones for direct monitoring (Aonic 4s) so I was excited to get these for the wireless setup and the same laser focus on audio quality.But….A key aspect of mine was faulty so it was only a matter of time before the wireless modules ran out of power and couldn’t be charged. And I have to acknowledge that these will not be for most people as they lack many of the comforts and luxuries that you’d expect from earphones around this price point. In that area they really are lacking.So I’ll leave it to you, if you‘re a recording artist or broadcaster, musician or audiophile then you’re already clicking that button. If you’re not then you only really have one question to ask yourself.Do you like tons of Bass Boost, control over your music app and a beautiful looking pair of earphones to show off or are you looking for unrivalled performance and precision in a pair of earphones that will barely get noticed?What will you do?

  8. Mr. T. Anderson

    Hi-fi sound, secure fit, handy Environment mode – but calls right ear only, on-ear control limited

    It was some years back that Shure opened my eyes (or ears) to how good in-ear monitors (IEMs) could sound. It was at a show, only a demo, and the IEMs had a four-figure price, but it made me realise the potential of in-ear electronics to sound better than any headphones I have heard. That potential is usually missed by IEMs that sound good but not the best.I do have much-used wired Shure wired IEMs which are a years old but still sound good. I’m happy to say that the Aonic 215s sounds substantially better in every way: clarity, frequency response, realism. Another thing I love about these IEMs is that the fit is very secure. They have an ear hook which means that these guys will never ever fall out – rather important.That said, the Aonic 215 true wireless has had a chequered history. Launched in April 2020, they were actually recalled by Shure because of problems with one earphone not playing, or battery issues. Shure fixed the issues to the extent of resuming supply but they are still a little troublesome.If you value convenience above sound quality, you can get other IEMs that sound fine, have more features, and cost less – so go and do that.Still reading? Well, if you like the Shure sound the True Wireless does have a lot going for it. It’s important to understand that this is a modular system. The Aonic 215 has an MMCX connector and you can get a cable that would let you use these wired. You can also get other Shure IEMs to connect to the True Wireless earhooks to let you use them wireless.This package of course has them in one. You get a charging case too, which will charge the IEMs three times when fully charged. Play time is up to 8 hours (7 hours probably more realistic). Long enough for me.Task number one is selecting the right ear sleeve. The aims is to create a seal in your ear. 6 pairs are supplied, including the one pre-attached. The best in my opinion are the foam type which form themselves to the shape of your ear, and which come in small, medium and large. Changing these is a little awkward and as ever one worries about damaging the unit but with a little twisting and tugging it is not too bad.That done, you fit the earbuds and turn on. Now the fun starts. There is a single button on each ear hook, positioned on a circular piece which hangs behind your ear. You operate it either by squeezing this piece, or pressing the button which then presses into your head. I found the squeezing option better, but it is not super convenient.Don’t worry too much though as functionality is limited. You can power on and off, pause, answer or end a call, and turn environment mode on or off. A triple click activates a voice assistant (I didn’t try this).Environment mode is pretty useful, and lets you hear what is going on around you. If you want to have a conversation while listening, it is pretty much essential.What’s missing though? Well, volume control and track skip are the key ones. You will have to use your player for that. Shure is still working on the firmware so this might improve, but one button is not much to play with.Another big deal is that calls only work in the right ear. This doesn’t bother me much, but for some it is a deal-breaker, depending on how you want to use them. I expect to use them almost entirely for music.There is a Shure Play app for iOS and Android which describes itself as a high-res audio player. This has a graphic equalizer but it only works when playing music through the app, which excludes streaming sources. You can also adjust the environment mode. You need the app to update the firmware – which given the history of the product is quite important; the update history makes reference to “bug fixes.” The update is done over Bluetooth and takes around 30 minutes; my first effort failed because the mobile went to sleep. I got this done in the end by keeping the app open and touching it from time to time to stop it sleeping. Such are the things that lovers of high quality audio endure in pursuit of the best sound!I used these IEMs mainly with a Sony Walkman music player and expect to use them a lot, for the excellent sound quality, secure fit, and very useful environment mode. A few things to note about the sound, which is the main benefit here. You get aptX, AAC and SBC, with aptX best for quality but AAC important for Apple devices. There is only a single driver which limits the quality compared to the high-end Shure devices, but it is still excellent. I would characterise it as neutral in tone, with particularly good separation and bass that is clean and not at all boomy. The lack of boom may come over as bass-light at first, but persevere and you appreciate this. It is important to have a good fit and if you don’t get the seal they will sound thin; of course every ear is different so how easy this is will vary. The design of the Shure also means that the sleeves can clog with wax and a little tool is supplied to help with cleaning.Overall, I really like them, but appreciate they will not be for everyone.

  9. Ben Mason

    TW1 still needs work

    Let me start off by saying that I’ve been using Shure products for years in personal and professional capacity, and they are my go-to pro audio brand. I still have wired SE215s and SE535s that I use for headphones and IEMs and absolutely love both. I absolutely love the sound, the fit, the fact they sit comfortably flush in my ears so can be worn under a motorcycle helmet, or even in bed!So, I was really excited to try the AONIC 215. The SE215 sound and fit that I love, but completely wireless! And with environment mode and a charging case. Unfortunately, my initial experience of them hasn’t been great. The fit is still very good, as is the sound. But I’ve had lots of problems with the Bluetooth. Pairing them with things like an Amazon fire stick 4k took a very long time and has resulted in regular drop outs, and one ear losing sync with the other ear. I had assumed this was a signal strength issue caused by the distance between me and the fire stick. Unfortunately again, this is not where my problems end. While talking home from work, I tried the AONIC 215s paired with my OnePlus 7T. Pairing worked quickly, but I still experienced Bluetooth drop outs and sync issues between the two ears. I highly doubt this is a signal strength issue, as my phone was in my pocket approximately a meter away from the AONIC 215s, and I was walking open air (so interference is unlikely).So, I attempted to update the firmware via the SHURE app, and try again. I eventually managed the firmware update, but it doesn’t seem to have solved my issues, which is really disappointing.I still think that the 215s are amazing earbuds/in ears for the money. It’s so unfortunate that they very expensive TW1 wireless set that they air paired with here seems to have so many basic issues. I can only hope that those issues are resolved by future firmware updates… Otherwise I’ll be tempted to sell or return these. There are far more reliable Bluetooth products on the market for less money. Sorry Shure!

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  10. Domenik Prell

    Sehr klarer Klang mit Bassbetonung

    Habe heute die Aonic 215 bekommen und bin sehr zufrieden. Besitze auch Beoplay E8, Master&Dynamic MW07 und Sony WF-1000XM3. Die In Ears sitzen mit dem Foam Stücken sehr gut, das Einsetzen ist ein wenig gewöhnungsbedürftig, aber klappt nach kurzer Zeit relativ gut.Der Klang ist relativ klar, die Höhen und Mitten lösen hervorrragend auf, der Höher ist für mein Empfinden jedoch alles andere als neutral mit einer Bassanhebung, die jedoch in den Mitten nichts überstrahlt.Insgesamt bin ich sehr zufrieden, pairing und auch Verbindung gab es bisher keine Probleme.Eine negative Sache, die mir aufgefallen ist, beim Kopfdrehen drückt das Bluetooth Modul von hinten gegen die Ohren, was mich ein wenig stört (gwöhnt man sich aber sicher auch noch daran)Update:ich musste die Bewertung anpassen, nachdem ich nun öfter mit den Höhrern telefoniert habe. Beim Telefonieren funktioniert nur der rechte Kopfhörer, der linke wird auf stumm geschaltet. Ich weiß nicht so recht, was sich die Entwickler hierbei gedacht haben im Jahr 2020 eine derartige Lösung zu wählen. Für mich absolut inakzeptabel, da insbesondere mit der guten Schallisolation im linken Ohr bei mir ein sehr komisches Gefühl bei Telefonieren entsteht.Des Weiteren konnte ich mich nicht wirklich an die Kugeln/Knöpfe des BT Moduls gewöhnen, die die Bewegung doch rel stark einschränken und wirklich bei mir bei jeder Kopfbewegung stören. Ich habe die Höhrer daher schweren Herzens wieder zurück geschickt.Der von vielen Rezensenten beanstandete Ausfall des li Kopfhöhrers ist bei mir nur ein einziges Mal aufgetreten.

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  11. Dr Phibes

    Well made but complicated to set up

    Wow. These come in a giant box! Much larger than is necessary. The box contains the charger pounch, A USB-C Charging cable (well done for being up to date here!) and a selection of removable buds to suit your ear shape.I put mine into the pouch to charge overnight (this in itself is q bit of a faff as you have to route the arms into the correct cutout in the pouch so that they are securely sitting in place to charge). The pouch has a zip to keep them safely in place. Charging is indicated by three white LEDs on the pouch. When I put mine on charge, two of the three lights were already illuminated. Having left them overnight and into the next morning (14 hours) the third light was still flashing so you would think they were still charging. However once set up with the app they are shown as 100% charged.The app in a little fiddly to find your way around so take your time to read the instructions. There was a firmware update available for mine straight away so I went ahead and did this. This took over 30 minutes to do.Once I actually got to use them, I found that they were slightly uncomfortable to wear because of the flexible arms that sit behind the ears.Sound quality was OK. The equaliser by default is set to flat so there is some room for adjustment there.Overall, I just can’t justify the the huge price tag when another pair I have at half the price is more comfortable to use and simpler to charge and set up.

  12. Michael Mooney

    Great Sound, Improvement on Bluetooth

    Shure are known for one thing, and that’s the sound quality their in-ear monitors produce. I’ve been a fan for years, and my set of 846’s are as close to audio nirvana as I’m ever likely to get.The shape of the monitors, though, mean that they don’t really fit into the ultra-small mode of apple’s air-pods and their swarm of imitators. Shure have always had a Bluetooth module, but it relies on wires connecting the earphones, and, to be honest, the implementation is a bit old fashioned, not using the most up to date codecs.With this package, they’ve gone truly wireless, but in their own way. What you get with the AONIC 215 is their low-end IEMs (the 215 part) and two bluetooth modules, which click into the IEMS and then hook behind your ears.This approach has one major drawback, and one fantastic benefit.The drawback is that the individual modules are heavier, and more obtrusive than building them into the earphone. To be honest, though, this is a matter of a very few grams, and once you get used to them the weight isn’t noticeable at all, and the unit sits behind your ear, where it can’t be seen. Controls are limited too – you can’t adjust volume, and calls only come through the right earphone – these IEMs are made for music.The overwhelming advantage is that you can use the AONIC units with any Shure IEM. For me that means I can (and do) clip in my 846s, and get the best mobile wireless sound I’ve ever heard. Which is not to diss the 215s – they give a lovely, light, clear sound that really does suit your commute (if we ever have one of them again) or a workout.With great out of the box performance, a clear upgrade path, and uncompromising sound, I think this little package is a great buy.

  13. David Hurst


    Brilliant sound from a very comfortable headphonesBrilliant Wi Fipositive fitting

  14. Eds

    Quality earphones

    Quality product from a reputable brand. Can only hear voice calls from the right ear piece, hence the 4 stars. Hopefully a software upgrade will be released to enable voice calls to be heard from both ear pieces. I would buy again.

  15. techpuppy

    Disappointing to be Shure…

    I’ve wanted a pair of Shure Earbuds for years but these AONIC 215’s have turned out to be a real disappointment. On first impressions they lived up to my expectations; the funky round box they arrive in promises something special, the build quality seems very good and you get a nicely designed and well-made charging carry-case but then you listen to them and it all slides downhill somewhat.My first issue is with the fit and this is critical to get the best sound because if you don’t achieve an airtight fit into the ear canal you won’t get the fullest sound and deepest bass from your earbuds. These AONIC 215’s are a two-part design and the ear-hook section can be detached form the actual earbud section. Getting them to sit in a position with the earbuds properly inserted into my ear canal and forming a decent seal is a major chore and takes far more effort and fiddling than it should. I use in-ear earphones all the time and these are the worst to put on I ever tried. Once you get them into place you really have to leave them alone because if you tap or move them the wrong way the two parts can separate and of course they disconnect and switch off and you have to take them off and start again.They’re supposedly compatible with the aptX codec, which gives significantly improved audio compared to the default SBC that Bluetooth defaults to, but getting this to work has proved another major chore. These earphones don’t seem to report their available codecs to the source device properly and so it keeps defaulting to SBC and you can’t switch to any other option. This significantly limits the audio quality and I find them really fickle depending on which device you connect them to, sometimes they sound good and sometimes they sound awful. The style of music you choose makes a big difference too and they’re really not well-suited to complex dynamic music, it just becomes crunchy noise. There also seems to be some kind of limiter in operation which attempts to boost quiet passages and limit loud ones, that sounds pretty awful too and it’s not switchable (assuming it exists and isn’t my imagination).The biggest issue is the lack of bass and even with a good ear fit and the EQ setting boosting the low end they sound a bit feeble and flat. The mid-range response is good and has some detail but the treble response is too harsh and crunchy and so prominent it drowns out the good stuff. If I was judging them blind and from the sound alone I’d suggest a price around a quarter of what it actually is. I really wanted to like these, honest, but they’re really fickle, quite disappointing and TBH barely worth the significant effort of putting them on in the first place, never mind the inflated price.

  16. Addicted2Amazon

    Wanted to love them, but sound is TINNY!

    Ok, Not my first rodeo, as we seem to be a family overrun with power banks and headphones, headphones in particular, so know good when it stares us in the face, whether it is a branded item or an unknown miracle! This headset comes from a well-established and highly sought after brand, so hopes were high, excitement through the roof and expectations at all times ..high! Yes, you got it! YOu pay the price, you want the quality, am I right or am I right?So, the first impression was as we expected – presentation is immaculate, headloops / buds…not sure what you would call these are incredibly well made, connection instant and long-lasting with the immediate recognition upon reconnection, they even feel not as awkward as I was worried they would, as one is used to either full cups or tiy buds that would sit inside your ear and not budge unless you pick them out from your ear lobe, so these ear loop things were a bit of a step back, to an extent, but actually did not feel wrong – somewhere in the middle between uber comfy cups and uber discreet buds.Then you play your tunes through them and …eh? say WHAT? Why is the sound so tinny and cold and full of frequencies one would want to minimise..why are all the highs too high and where is the base? Ok, let;s just play base only music, maybe it is a track I use? No? Still the same? Even the base only sounds like tinny God-knows-what coming from a bucket…Like REALLY? At that price? From that brand? Nah! The only reason it is three stars is aas follows:1 for the design and presentation1 for the robust nature of the headphones and comfort1 for the benefit of the doubt!The choice is yours! Sorry!

  17. IRS

    Adapter is good, but not the buds

    This bluetooth adapter is excellent and fits very well. It works simply and easily. But…the ear buds aren’t really that good. You could just buy the adaptor, but that’s not much less than with the buds. So you could take the view that the buds are being thrown in for about £15-£20. On that basis they are ok, and as they cost about £60-£70 on their own, then it’s value. But I just don’t think the buds sound that good – there are many better buds that cost less, or the same. So, if you want a good adaptor then this is great – just get better buds and use them!

  18. Domino

    Sound quality Vs features

    This is really a review of two halves, sound and everything else.Sound – Superb. These earbuds have an amazing realistic neutral sound. A wide soundscape with breathing space between instruments when listening to music and clear naturalistic voices in podcast and audiobooks. There is an app which allows some equalisation but, these are not going to appeal to listeners who like extreme bass. They will, however, satisfy anyone who values clarity and realistic reproduction of recorded sound.As long as you are prepared to accept the design compromises…Everything else – Shure provide a comprehensive selection of earbud tips which eventually deliver the right seal but the design of the units, with over the ear construction with controls, such as they are, contained within bulbous appendages which sit behind the ear. They are awkward to put on but once in place they are comfortable to wear. The buds look and feel fragile and don’t appear to be IP rated so, while they seem designed for workout use, in practice they may not stand up to a particularly sweaty gym session or running in the rain. I noticed a split-second cut out in the left bud intermittently while running, which is annoying.The case is a hard plastic clamshell which appears to be impact resistant but is a little large for a pocket and has a zip closure which needs two hands to open or close which is a little inconvenient.In operation, each earbud has to be switched on individually, the behind-the-ear controls allow pause/resume and toggles the (not hugely effective) ANC. Phone calls are clear but only utilise the right unit.If, however, you are prepared to put up with all of these idiosyncrasies, the Shure Aonic 215 delivers hugely impressive sound, no matter what you throw at them.

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