Sony IER-Z1R Signature Series – Auriculares in-ear (IERZ1R), color negro y plateado


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Optimizado para reproducción de audio de alta resolución
Sistema de controlador híbrido HD (2 dinámicos/1 armadura equilibrada)

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Haz clic aquí para comprobar si este producto es compatible con tu modelo
Optimizado para reproducción de audio de alta resolución
Sistema de controlador híbrido HD (2 dinámicos/1 armadura equilibrada)
Estructura de fase refinada para un sonido amplio
4,4 mm equilibrado y convencional de 3,5 mm, cables de conexión suministrados
Control de espacio de sonido para un amplio espacio de sonido
Cable de calidad para preservar la pureza de la señal
Fabricado en Japón
En la caja: cable de auriculares (aprox. 1,2 m), cable de conexión equilibrada (aprox. 12 m). Auriculares de triple comodidad: SS, S, MS, M, ML, L. Auriculares híbridos: SS, S, MS, M, ML, L, L, funda de transporte con clip, soporte para cable, paño de limpieza, clip para cable

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9 valoraciones en Sony IER-Z1R Signature Series – Auriculares in-ear (IERZ1R), color negro y plateado

  1. KZ

    Sony has done the impossible.

    There simply does not exist a better IEM. PERIOD. Connect these to any of the Sony One Signature sound series DAPs and you’ll be a “fanboy” for life. Even some of the lower cost DAPs by Sony make these in-ears sound better than many closed AND open back headphones.From the textured and incredible bass response to the sparkling highs and holographic sound, these IEMs do it all and do it best. Each instrument has its own space and I’ve yet to hear a song that sounds overcrowded. One of the widest soundstage I’ve ever heard. It’s no slouch in depth or height either.However, to be 100% honest, I will say that fitment May be an issue for some, but at least Sony was generous to include more ear tips in various sizes than I thought existed. It took me a good week or 2 to figure out which tips work best for me and also the proper way to insert them.Now I can listen for hours and hours with zero discomfort and any need to readjust them.

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  2. Ernest T. Bass

    Very, very good IEMs with a few caveats

    I’ve owned most recently the sony iem-m9 and shure 846 to give you an idea of what I am comparing the sony iem-z1r against. The Z1R is truly an engineering marvel in the sense that it is able to offer (in my opinion) the hardest hitting bass in an IEM. If you are into techno/house/rap you will find these things to give you the bass impact you are seeking. Additionally, the Z1R are built well (actual ear pieces are made in Japan, cables and accessories are VERY UNFORTUNATELY MADE IN CHINA).So, what are the tradeoffs with the IEM-Z1R?- Price: these are somewhat overpriced yet, at the same time, I feel they are competitive in the context of other similar IEMs.- Accessories included are decent but not what I want for nearly 2 grand. As mentioned, the accessories are rather cheaply made overall (made in china unfortunately), especially the cables. The cables are pretty and quite good, but again, for the price of the who package, I expect something much better. Also, replacement cables are over $130 each which is excessive given the quality and chinese origin.- WAY too flashy design. The zirconium alloy is pretty but it attracts attention in public and contributes to what are heavy IEMs.- To get the most bang for your buck, you need to be using these with one of sony’s latest walkmans (which are overpriced as well) and lossless audio tracks. Personally, I do NOT like managing a library of music files and was not interested in spending 3 grand on a new walkman.

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  3. Andrey

    Wow! Sound quality is really great!

    Sound quality (with AK SP2000 silver at 100% volume (from max 150%) on regular 3.5mm out,)Pros- Precise, powerful, punchy and well controlled base- good mids- extremely clear and bright highs- ideal for instrumental music (it sounds so good here, i really enjoy strings and tubes)- sounds stage is very well made and accurate. All instruments in their own positions.Cons – I would add more energy to vocals (+12%) (and reduce highs by -6%) – with AK SP2000 i hear mostly high frequency background noise. – AK SP2000 will require adapter for 2.5mm balanced outUnfortunately they are pretty big for my ears. I feel some pain after 2hours of using them at home.Not sure if i can use them while walking outside.

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  4. Isabella



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  5. Arthur Zaslavsky

    If you want a Lexus Get the Z5’s or the M7/M9’s but if you’d like a Bugatti…..

    Look no further. I know there will be some people here wondering what the point of these IEM’s is when AirPods are so much cheaper….these are not for you. This gem should be used primarily in balanced mode paired with a nice dac/amp combo pumping lossless heaven into your ear canal. Warning: if you properly experience this set of IEM’s, good luck enjoying your EarPods or anything remotely similar ever again. An instant classic by the OG in audiophile world…..welcome back Sony

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  6. J. Macleod

    Unreal Sound!

    The first time I listened with these headphones was Magical! My usual music was transformed. I heard sounds like I had not heard them before. Sound was entering from all parts of the Soundscape, It was Fantastic. It was like rediscovering my music collection. Unfortunately, the bad recordings sound even worse. They are quite comfortable for hours of listening.

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    Not the best for bass heads.

    My main focus to get them was based on many reviews stating that these are very nice in their low frequency’s.They are very decent but to get the full potential out of them you have to buy the Sony Portable AMP TAZH1ES which is another 2100 bucks and the Sony NWWM1Z Signature Series Hi-Res Walkman which is another 3200 bucks.Simply put my Astell and Kern Roxanne II/JH Audio Roxanne have a much better bass production straight out the box as compared to these.I have always been looking for a IEM which can produce the best bass straight out of the box without the need for me to carry another piece of brick (portable amp) for normal use.I mean I can put and sometimes do put portable amplifiers with the Roxanne II or many other IEMs to make them sound better but they are still relatively cheaper and comparable to this Signature Series setup.If you like more balanced sound and want a premium feel to your IEM and can afford the other signature series equipment then go for it. These are still a great piece of Japanese engineering.If you are BASS HEAD, do not bother or waste your time and get the Roxanne II [Best in my opinion] , UE Triple Fi , Aurisonics Kicker or Sony XBA Z5 instead.I bought all my own stuff and have nothing to do with these companies.

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  8. SC

    Good sound but terrible wearing

    Very wide soundstage but a little far vocal. Try it before buying. It’s heavy and not comfortable for some people.

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  9. sieu nhuan


    Sound very good

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